Been a long time

IMG_0360 is back!

I suppose we all have to start all over again from somewhere.  For years I had a maintained a blog, when that was the thing to do.  The blog was really just a place for me to throw my creative writing and my efforts at audio-podcasting and general observations about my life.

I made one mistake however, I used blog software that simply went out of existence.  When it went down I thought I lost everything, thankfully I got some great advice from friends on how to recover most of it.

Over time I will re-post the best bits but I will probably concentrate on new content.

What kind of content?  I really want to get the podcast rolling again, there are simply topics which require more than 140 characters and I have more than 140 characters (interesting people) to potentially talk to.

My life is about a lot more than doing weather on television, and the website will start where all that TV stuff stops.  That line gets less defined by the day.  I have two sets of social media: the personal and professional.  A few years ago the station insisted on professional fan pages and Twitter accounts.  At the time I had maintained a very large personal account (adding basically any viewer that requested) and resisted the move to professional pages mostly due to the effort to move everyone over.  In hind sight it was the best thing to separate the worlds.

On my personal page I lost the ability to say or show pretty much anything at the fear that I would hit someone’s sensitivities.  Let’s say I take a position on “deflate-gate”.. it invariably resulted in someone commenting that I should concentrate on getting the forecast wrong.  That gets old really fast, faster than Tom Brady is getting old.  Here is the problem, while I have those professional pages, I simply have not been able to re-establish ‘my place’ on the internet.

Well, this is that place.  I hope if you choose to follow along we’ll enjoy some of what I have to say, and the rest you are probably wrong about. I want to violate my own #hovderules and put a wink emoticon there.