Closed door policy


Pretty much anywhere I have ever worked the person or people higher up the food chain have always promoted their “open door policy”.  I love it, and I take advantage of it.

That said, why do I fondly remember the days I had an office with a door or prefer doing work from home?  I know exactly why: in a world of distractions the good old fashioned door is one of the real world firewalls I want back.

Theoretically open spaces are supposed to foster collaboration and I am sure it does in places where people have similar or concurrent tasks.  But man I think the one thing we are missing dearly these days is discrete space to do really good work or at least careful work.

Now, before the protests begin, I will fully admit that the key distractions are ones we invite: social media and information.  In my case we are required to consume and produce as much social media and internet content as possible.  But think of it this way, it is like eating all the time and then asking why you are getting fat and not getting anything else done.  That is neither here nor there, I have never seen any realistic way to navigate the conflicting pulls of concentration and consumption.  I think it was Einstein who posited that if all you do is read the thoughts and theories of someone else you’d never have time to consider new ones of your own.

So, I am for a little “mind space” and literal space.


In an infinite universe you think we could find a little of either when you need it.