If no one blogs anymore…why was I targeted?

You’d think after taking years off of writing a blog maybe the question is why is there a new post up now? Well, I think it is the increasing value of the davehovde.com brand that got me to do it.

I’ll admit I’ve been camping on this URL for years, essentially waiting for the mostly theoretical day that my TV career would wane and my multimedia empire would begin. Or maybe when all the other famous Dave Hovdes out there (and there are a few) would pay me ridiculous amounts of money (not accepting NFTs or Bitcoin anymore) for the homepage.

Alas, none of that has happened. However, someone very insistent person or persons in Japan (or I suppose using a VPN from elsewhere) has taken quite the liking to DaveHovde.com. I mean, how can you blame this person, there are fewer than 6 total posts so why not try 344 times in 2 days to crack the server? And for goodness sakes lad, just before Thanksgiving? I’m not sure which holiday is best suited to take over a website but this is likely not it. Maybe Arbor Day?

I’d like to thank whomever this is for the reminder to cycle the passwords and security and again let me appreciate the value of this budding empire.